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welcome to Queer as Folk Fans, LiveJournal's very first Queer as Folk community!

this is the place to discuss all things QaF-related: the show, the characters, the episodes, the themes, the cast, etc. got something to say about brian's promiscuity? want to talk about RAGE: Gay Crusader? how about a conversation dealing with the HIV-positive/HIV-negative relationship that is Ben and Michael? here's the place to do it!

just as queer as folk is an open show, we are an open community. all are welcome and encouraged to participate. however, just as with any community, there are rules that must be abided by so that everyone can have a good time here


Updated January 2009, please take note of changes.

** While Queer as Folk, the television series, took on many controversial topics pertaining to and affecting both gay and straight communities, this LiveJournal online community is about a television series, it's actors and projects the actors may also do. IT IS NOT A FORUM FOR SOCIAL OR POLITICAL DISCUSSION (outside of a specific episode, and not something that can be related to one. Seperate fact from fiction.). Please DO NOT post your petitions, your viewpoint on current events, or link to such things. There are many other forums within LiveJournal for your voice to be heard. Posts of this nature will be deleted without notice and that deletion will be considered a warning against the author. If you feel strongly about posting in this community with something off topic (OT) contact a mod BEFORE you post and wait to hear back before you post.

Before you ask what may be a common question, PLEASE check through the community to see if it may have been answered. This suggestion pertains to inquiries on downloads (eps, songs, etc) as well.

When the previous season is available for purchase, it is no longer required to use the LJ cut to discuss that season. However, some members may still appreciate it. Something to think about. ;)

DO NOT use queerasfolkfans as a forum to promote your journal, community, product, or web site. Any posts made for this sole purpose are subject to deletion without notice, and the author is subject to warning/suspension. Posts that are for the purpose of promotion, need permission from a mod FIRST, else it will be deleted without notice.

This is a community, therefore posting here is with the idea of giving the members a voice. Disallowing comments on posts is prohibited in this community. The exceptions are posts made by moderators or those who have received permission via a moderator. Posts with the comment feature turned off will be deleted without warning.

Comment screening is also not allowed except with permission from a mod.

queerasfolkfans welcomes fic. Please make sure that your fic is labeled appropriately and a cut tag is used for content and large graphics. If you link the fic back to your personal journal, that link must be unlocked for all members of the community to read. Using this community to promote your fic should not require the members to have to friend you. If the link to the fic is not public, the post will be deleted without warning and the author is subject to warning/suspension.

If you would like to post a poll, permission from a mod must be received first. Poll results have to be visible to the members. Any posts not following these guidelines will be deleted without notice.

Posts that involve file sharing communities, requests for songs, episodes, or any sort of information pertaining to anything except the purchase of official merchandise MUST BE locked. If a post is not locked it will be deleted without warning. Youtube or any other sort of video posted must be put under an lj-cut tag.

Moderators can exercise the right to deny requests. Those who do not follow the rules will have their posts deleted without warning. If rule breaking behaviors continue, posting access will be revoked, followed by being banned from the community.

SPOILERS: are only acceptable behind LJ-cut tags. (if you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, please see the LJ FAQ here.)

QUIZ RESULTS: are acceptable if posted once. anyone who would like to post their own results in response should do so in a comment to the original post. also, if the quiz graphic is large, please LJ-cut it.

PICS, ICONS, ARTICLES, NEWS, etc.: post! post! post! we love it when you share with us! please remember to LJ-cut large/multiple graphics of any kind as well as long articles. also, remember to give credit where credit is due both for pics and for articles.

:: as far as community icons go, please understand that they were made specifically for the community. many of them were made during an icon contest by our members. they are the property of their creator and the community. if you are found to have stolen one of the icons, you will be asked to remove it. if you fail to do so, your posting privileges will be taken away. if you continue to refuse to remove it, you will be banned. (these consequences were voted on directly by the community.) this is considered a matter of respect to the community and your fellow members. please don't steal icons (not from the community, not from anyone, not without permission).

TROLLING, HATE SPEECH, INSULTS, RUDENESS etc.: will not be tolerated under any circumstances (this includes, but not necessarily limited to: bigotry, prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc). there is no reason for anyone to get their panties in a twist here. if you have a problem with a community member, please take it up with a maintainer ASAP, so that we can handle it. shipper wars are not welcome here. if fighting starts, the post in question will be deleted. if there is a troll lurking about or any other sort of similar problem, please also bring it to our attention. we will handle these situations as we see fit, whether it requires altering posting privileges, banning, or simply giving a warning.

RESPECT: at the same time as the above disrespectful actions aren't acceptable here, please remember that a certain level of respect is not only due towards your fellow fans, but also to the creators, cast, and crew of the show. each of the people involved are entitled to a private life and are in no way required to answer to us. they are also entitled (just as are the other members of the community are) to be talked about in a respectful manner. while appreciating someone's appearance is nice, please remember that a lot more than their looks go into the hard work they put into the show. also, please remember that assumptions are bad, stories are one-sided, and people get their facts wrong.

SOLICITING and DOWNLOADING: soliciting is not permissable under any circumstances. trading/reimbursement is allowed. making a profit is not. QaF is copyrighted material and not your creation. not only is it illegal to distribute, it is also illegal to make money off of it. many people are without showtime, so doing them a favor is a nice gesture but making a profit off of them is not. if you see this type of behavior happening, please report it immediately to a maintainer!

::we encourage people to remember that seasons are (or will be) available through dvd and vhs. by purchasing these products when they come out, you are sending a message to showtime, the producers, and the cast that you are supporting the show. we highly encourage you to do just that.

we want everyone to feel comfortable posting and talking here, but this is also a community about a show with lots of sensitive topics and lots of devoted loyalties, so please be sensitive to your fellow members and how they feel. in other words, let's play nice!

Other Things to Consider Before Posting:

:: simply looking for more QaF resources? check out our ever-growing list of links. (special thanks to essentiality!)
:: there are well over 2000 members in this community and it's the most active QaF community on LJ. with this in mind, think before you post! check the community before posting to see if someone may have already brought up your issue. also, it's important to ask yourself, do i want 2000+ people to read what i'm posting?

these rules were made with the community members' wishes and input in mind. if you have any problems with them, feel free to take it up with a maintainer either through comments in our respective LJ's or through e-mail. remember that all feedback and community contribution is welcome and encouraged. that's what we're here for.

now that that's out of the way *dusts dirt off hands*, let's have a FAAAAABULOUS time!

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